Psychology Behind Suicide Bombers

Have you ever heard about suicide bombers? Have you ever been curious about their psychology? A person who is ready to give up his own life thinking about his afterlife in which he will forever be happy and peaceful as his so called God has already made a wonderful heaven only for him. By giving up his own life while taking away the lives of others who wished to live a little longer to enjoy the beauty of life.

This is entirely a brainwash instigated upon vulnerable minds of less educated people. This disease is called Viral Mnemonic Infection which puts the brain into circular thoughts and thus blocking the growth of perception about life. This creates a sense of good and bad. An entirely different world in which the bombers are the good souls specially crafted by the God to deliver His wrath upon the infidels.

The Contrary

On the contrary, their religion says entirely the opposite, asking every one of His creation to love and respect each other as well as live in harmony and peace. Due to conscious psychotherapy on the vulnerable minds, the minds finally give in to such extreme thoughts and ideas. With one command, the bombers suit up all armed and fully ready to press the trigger and blow himself up. When the mind is in such a state, to that individual all other lives become insignificant, it becomes very easy like squashing a bee using a splatter.

The Otherside?

Apart from the religious bombers, there are many more horrible cults involved in devil worshipping in America. These people need counseling, yet refuse despite their ability to utilize counseling tulsa rather easily. The said thing is, is that these

They continuously carry out their rituals secretly and professionally so that nobody can find out. There was a recent incident in which a beautiful young girl was eaten alive by a male who brought her home from a local bar giving her the feeling of a one night stand. Little had she known that she was going to get consumed by that sick bastard. Cults can ruin the thought processes inside the brain and acts more on irrational selfish idiotic and sickening thoughts rather on healthy and rational thoughts.

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